Tommy Fields

The new parody video called”Make A Baby” is out on Yahoo Screen now!  The Sketchy starring Nikki Boyer is a hilarious spoof of the pop song “Call Me Maybe”.  Check out the video here:  Also...go to the MUSIC page on this website to download the FREE MP3 of “Make a Baby”.

Tommy also produced the music and sang on the track for the music video parody of the Fun song called “We’re Not Young”.  The song/video has had tremendous success with over 3,000,000 views on Yahoo and more than 90,000 shares on Facebook, which is a new Facebook record.  See the video here:  Go to the MUSIC page on this website to download the FREE MP3 of “We’re Not Young”!

Check out the latest Tommy Fields CD titled “Best So Far” which is now available on iTunes, Rhapsody and more!

Also now available are the Tommy Fields self titled CD and the singles...”Wildfire In The Streets” and “This Is Our Time”.

Tommy is teaming up with singer/actress Nikki Boyer ( and creating a unique, alternative pop group called THE CARDBOARD CUTOUTS.  They are putting the finishing touches on their first music video for their song “Hide and Seek”.  More details and a CD release in the near future!!

Tommy is beginning production on his new web blog called DIARY OF A ROCK DAD.  This show chronicles the silly and challenging moments of Tommy raising his 2 girls while living the life of a musician, creating a new family with his girlfriend Nikki, dealing with an ex-wife, and juggling being an alternative parent in a conservative environment.  Stay tuned!!

Tommy is beginning to work on the score for the latest movie from Shane Stanley (Gridiron Gang) called D2.  It stars Jason Pace, Courtney Gaines, Sean Young and Marlon Young.

Tommy finished the score for the movie “The Cost Of Heaven” written and directed by Kenneth Johnson! 

Check out the full cast and crew here:

Check out YouTube for Tommy's song "Under The Rainbow" featured in an overseas campaign for Mitsubishi, and his song “Wildfire In The Streets” which was featured in the movie Locked Down!

Now available is the extended version of Tommy's song "Come On In" that was featured in the hit TV shows “Castle” and “The Biggest Loser”.  Both versions of the song are available for download on iTunes.

Stay tuned in to the networks. Tommy has had a lot of music in the end of "The Biggest Loser" and promos for the "Jay Leno" show, "Heroes", "Grey's Anatomy", “Desperate Housewives”  and many more.

You can find Tommy here:





Stay tuned!!